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About Barbara

My story with polyamory has started in Laszlo's living room in 2016.

Although it was just our first date, we took the courage to open our souls to each other - and to ourselves, too.

We felt no risk on that night. We were just two strangers who suddenly got connected.

He talked about his life-changing recognition after he had completed a test about polyamory and how he had started his new life. He didn't try to convince me. We just talked about previous experiences endlessly.

"That's it. This is what I'm looking for." - Came to my mind.


In my previous relationships (in serial monogamous relationships), after a while, something was missing and without spice and fire we just broke up. In other occasions, my partners cheated on me, because they also missed something.

I had no idea I had options other than following the old path...

But a gut feeling said this was the way I had to follow.

In the last 4 years, I met many of my demons, faced many obstacles that I needed to overcome and rewrote the pattern that I brought with me from my childhood. And I have been in strange situations and met marvellous people.

I'm not a counsellor or a guru, just a woman who has deliberately chosen to accept herself and discover ethical non-monogamy. I believe that it's an endless process to get to know ourselves and our reactions in different situations. It's the part of the personal growth.

So after that life-changing night, we started our journey together. It's sometimes cruelly rugged, painful, and heady, while other times it's honest and smooth.

But we know one thing for sure: We never turn back. Just walk forward on our path.
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